Seedless grapes are 100% natural and occur as a result of non-development of the embryo in some varieties. They have been produced for centuries and were much appreciated by the Turkish emperors. The first varieties of seedless grapes arose spontaneously in the region of Mesopotamia, the most popular of which were known as “sultanas” or “sultaninas”.

This was a small calibre grape, and it was only in the 19th century that growers managed to produce a larger sized version (by pure cross-breeding of varieties) and increase its commercial value. Despite this, it was already being consumed dried in the form of raisins.



Variety of black grape (purple), owned by SUN WORLD - USA.

Bunch: Medium sized, well filled, with average weight of 500g.

Berries: Large, elongated

Caliber: 20-25 mm

Brix: 17 – 20

Texture: Firm and crunchy, thick skin

Flavour: Slightly sweet with low acidity

Colour: Black (purple)



White grape variety, property of SUN WORLD - USA

Bunch: Medium size, simetrical, average weight 600g.

Berries: Big, round, firm and crispy

Caliber: 18-22 mm

Brix: 16º – 20º

Texture: Firm and crunchy and slightly thick skin.

Flavour: Fresh and sweet, with well pronounced muscat flavor

Colour: Green, tending to light amber

September and October


One of the most recent grape varieties.

Bunch: From large to very large, conical (400 – 600g).

Berries: Large, purple-black, elongated, with a thin skin to thin and average.

Texture: Firm and crunchy pulp

Flavour: Neutral and enjoyable

Caliber: 17-22 mm

Brix: 14 -19



From the Eastern Mediterranean, Thompson is one of the oldest varieties of seedless table grapes and probably the most consumed in the world. It is also called Sultanina

Bunch: Large, cylindrical or conical and compact. The weight can vary between 350 and 700g.

Berries: Elongated, medium in size and cylindrical shape.

Caliber: 16-22 mm

Brix: 17 – 19

Texture: crisp and consistent pulp

Flavour: Marked, sweet and juicy

Colour: Yellow-green

August, September and October


Obtained through the development program of the Agricultural Research Service from the United States Department of Agriculture, in Fresno, California. Its cultivation started in 1989.
It is a red grape, seedless. Late variety.

Bunch: elongated oval

Texture: The texture of the pulp is unusually consistent, it allows a long grape durability making it very desirable commercially

Colour: Reddish

Flavour: Juicy, with neutral taste and sweet aroma

July and August


Original from 1972 by John M. Garabedien, Fresno, California. Obtained by crossing the Cardinal variety with an unknown selection of seedless grapes. If was introduced on the market in the USA in 1972. This seedless white grape is characterised by its precocity, having an average growth cycle of just 90-100 days.

Berries: Large, elongated

Colour: Bright green

Texture: Quite crisp

Flavour: Slight muscat flavour when fully ripe