The Farm


At Herdade Vale da Rosa we know the grapes like nobody else since the 60s. We take care of each bunch with the greatest attention and put in them the best we have, our affection, our experience and all our knowledge.

In the heart of the Alentejo we have created a magical space where the vines grow closely watched by the most experienced eyes and cared for by the most delicate hands. With ou or without seeds, the Vale da Rosa grapes are distinguished by their unique taste and texture. The crunchy and sweet berries are absolutely irresistible. We protect them all year round, using the most advanced production techniques so that in the summer they grow beautiful and sweet, making the delights of those who taste them.
Our employees take care of each bunch as if it were unique. They give them affection, attention and pamper each one of them in a truly special way. The wonderful Alentejo sun and our fertile land do the rest.
The result is succulent, crispy and truly special grapes with seeds and seedless grapes. From Alentejo, from Portugal.

Vale da Rosa


At Herdade Vale da Rosa we live with passion. Passion for Alentejo. Passion for agriculture. Passion for grapes with and without seeds.

It was the passion that always moved the Silvestre Ferreira family when they started the grape business, 40 years ago, and that now motivates António Silvestre Ferreira to continue. He loved to play, as a child, in a small garden on the farm they called Vale da Rosa. As a tribute to this special place, full of such emotional memories, he ended up naming his land and the brand of his grapes.

Herdade Vale da Rosa believes in Portugal and believes it is possible to contribute to the country’s success. We promote the employment of the region and the Portugal brand abroad, helping to build an image of a productive, efficient and capable country to develop business of international dimension and quality. As it was born in another generation, the Vale da Rosa brand intends to follow its path for future generations and contribute to the success of Portugal in the world.

Herdade Vale da Rosa
The farm


The immensity of flat horizons allied to the geographic location offer to the Alentejo Mediterranean and continental characteristics propitious to the grape production. The more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year and the warm climate, with temperatures above 35°C at the height of summer, are reflected in the ripening of the grapes with an accumulation of sugars that makes them particularly sweet and with a strong and ripe color.

The soils, of excellent quality, the famous Beja clays, produce a resistant grape of excellent quality. The low levels of humidity registered favour the health of the plants making it difficult for diseases to appear.



Temperatures at the height of summer



The privileged location, 30 Km from the South Highway (A2) and 80 Km from the Spanish border, allows the grapes to be placed in excellent conditions anywhere in Europe.

GPS coordinates:

38°05’22.2″N 8°04’51.1″W


Herdade Vale da Rosa is currently the largest national grape producer with a production area of about 280 hectares and 13 varieties of high quality grapes.
The production methods are based on the pergola system made up of tall, trellised vines covered with nets and plastics that promote a micro environment favourable to grape development. Under these conditions, it is possible to anticipate the production season and protect the vine from weather adversities (wind, hail, rain) enhancing all the flavor and nutritional qualities of Vale da Rosa grapes. In this way, an extended harvest period is obtained, which generally starts at the end of June, beginning of July, extending until the end of November.