The grapes produced at Herdade Vale da Rosa are not anonymous. They are unique, have a name, an identity and are treated in a truly special way.

Herdade Vale da Rosa currently produces 13 grape varieties of high and recognized quality, with 6 grape varieties with seeds and 7 varieties without seeds. Always thinking about the future, we contemplate a vast experimental field where some of the most respected grape varieties in the world are being tested and, when their viability is guaranteed, they become options to consider for growing in extension and commercialization.



Uvas de mesa


Grapes are important in a healthy diet. 100% natural, they contain a large concentration of vitamins; Vitamin C that helps the body protect itself from disease; B-complex vitamins, necessary for the proper functioning of all cells; Carotenes (or pro-Vitamin A), which are transformed by the body into Vitamin A, indispensable for cell division, healthy skin and vision.


We collect the best bunches at the ideal stage of maturation, with great care and delicacy avoiding as much as possible touching the berries and removing the film (pollination) that ensures greater durability and protection against deterioration factors.

The transport of grapes from the vineyard to the warehouse takes place in boxes, protected from the sun by nets, in vans directly to the cold rooms where, in the shortest possible time, they are subjected to a strict quality control and a consecutive thermal shock. Guaranteed quality criteria, grapes are subjected to a demanding selection, weighing and packaging process.

At the base of the boxes is placed a padded coating that absorbs any existing moisture and cushions possible oscillations during transport. Inside, the bunches of grapes are distributed by cardboard separators, in plastic bags arranged in line or in cuvettes (individual boxes). This placement is done according to the preference of each client and translates into easy handling at the point of sale guaranteeing hygiene, sanity and allowing the good aspect of the fruit to be preserved.

Once properly packed, the grapes with and without seeds are sent to the dispatch chambers and kept at the ideal temperature for transportation, that varies according to the market for which they are intended.

Eco friendly