Originally from Asia, the vine is grown in all temperate climate regions. The cultivation of the vine is one of the oldest activities of civilization. Our grapes with seed continue to be highly appreciated due to their sweet taste and crispy and juicy texture. They’re irresistible!

Uvas com grainha Cardinal
July & August


Cardinal, a grape variety with seed and full of flavor. It was introduced in Europe after World War II and is one of the first varieties to be harvested and to reach you. It is recognized by having large, spherical berries and a crunchy pulp.

The berries: Large, elongated shape.
Color: They have a bright green color.
Texture: Quite crunchy.
Flavor: Slight moscatel flavor when fully ripe.

Uvas com grainha
July, August and September


Coming from the country that gave it its name, this grape variety is characterized by having large, oval berries and yellow color. The bunches are medium and well filled and the texture is crunchy and juicy.

The berries: Big and oval.
Color: Yellow
Flavor: It has a sweet taste, pleasant and light.

Uvas com grainha
July, August and September


Despite being originally from California, our Red Globe have long since become part of Alentejo. With seeds and pinkish red color, its bunches can reach exceptionally large dimensions. It is a grape of late ripening and sweet as honey.

The bunches: The bunches reach exceptionally large dimensions, conical in pyramidal form, with wings, semi-closed.
The berries: It has a large and spherical berry (9 – 10 gr), consistent, with a lot of resistance to adversities in the plant and long transports.
Flavor: Sweet (sugar at 14%, pH 3.4 and total acidity of 5.5 g/l).

October and November


This black grape with seeds is a real pearl. This relatively recent grape variety is late in the harvest and the last to reach the market. It’s called Black Pearl and it’s sweet, crunchy and absolutely delicious.

The berries: Large and elongated.
Color: Violet black.
Flavor: Semi-crispy pulp and neutral flavor.

July and August


With a well-defined “personality,” our Victoria grape variety, besides being beautiful, is sweet and very resistant to adversities. It originated in Romania but it is in the Alentejo that it grows more vivid and robust. It has seeds and long and delicious berries.

The bunches: They are long, very filled and with an average weight of 800-850g.
The berries: They are large or medium-large (6 – 6.5g), long with good taste, neutral, being highly appreciated for its taste and appearance.
Caliber: 18 – 22 mm. Brix: 15º – 18º.
Texture: Consistent, sweet, resistant to crushing and separation.

August, September, October and November


The Alentejo sun gives it a strong color and incomparable flavor and the affection with which we take care of it makes it more crunchy and definitely more appetizing. It is one of our grapes with seed most appreciated due to its sweet and juicy taste.

The bunches: They are attractive, long, medium filled and with an average weight of 600gr.
The berries: They are large and oval, with medium thickness film and consistent, which allow conservation and transport.
Caliber: 17 – 20 mm. Brix: 14º – 16º.
Texture: Crunchy, durable, juicy and sweet pulp.